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Mar 31st

When to Schedule a Dental Crown Replacement

Although your dental crown is designed to endure for numerous years, it is destructible. Over time, problems requiring replacement can arise because of your crown wearing and tearing. However, how do you figure out when you require a dental crown replacement? On this page, we will look at signs that show you might need a dental crown replacement. Ensure you read more here.

First, we’ll explore more about damage, wear, or tear. If your dental crowns are beginning to indicate signals of wear and tear, they likely need to get replaced soon. Dental crowns can become worn out, chipped, or cracked over time, making it important to pay attention to them. If you suppose your crown may be damaged, contact a dental expert immediately.

Discoloration or staining is among these signs. Ensure you plan for a replacement of your dental crown if it’s stained or discolored. This implies that opaque and tartar could have amassed on your crown. To avoid this, brush and floss frequently and visit your dentist often for cleanings. Tobacco products can make your teeth stain, including dental crowns. Tea, coffee, dark-colored vegetables and fruits, and red wine can result in discolored teeth. If your dental crowns have any staining or discoloration, call your dental clinic immediately to discuss replacement options.

The other thing to be keen on is sensitivity or pain. Pain or sensitivity could indicate that you require a dental crown replacement. There are various reasons for dental crown pain or sensitivity. First, the crown could be too tight. If the crown is exceedingly tight, it can place pressure on the tooth and result in pain or sensitivity. On the other hand, a loose crown can let bacteria get below the crown, irritating the tooth. This can cause sensitivity or pain.

The other sign we will discover more about is a loose or ill-fitting crown. If your dental crowns are not well-fitting, this might be when to have them replaced. If you are experiencing aches or discomfort in the region, this can show the crown’s failure. Additionally, if you feel that the crown is insecurely in place or seems to make sounds or move while eating, this might indicate its need for a replacement. Thus, if you doubt the feel or security of your dental crowns, make sure you see your dentist so he can investigate them further. Subsequently, your dental clinic can propose any needed action, for example, a dental crown replacement.

Hopefully, this page has answered your questions regarding having a dental crown replacement.

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